Monday, January 21, 2008

A concert in Bangalore

There are concerts, and, well, concerts. Only a very few of them can make your heartstrings vibrate to the rhythm of unadulterated life, and believe me, this one did just that!

Like the most natural phenomenon, I was feeling rather sick with my old bones on the day the concert was about to take place, and true to my annoying nature, have been a real pain in everybody’s you-know-what. Astonishingly enough, every person in Bangalore has been quite angelic in dealing with my antics, and though congenitally dull, I was being able to feel the warmth of unbreakable charms!

The evening started with a note of resurrection, and all my sickening moments of weakness were gone in a flash. Here was a group of supremely talented musicians, performing the songs of Kabir Suman, in a rare showing of tribute, and how they extracted life from every word they sang! It was a tour-de-force of extreme passion, the guitars, the vocals and, of course, the key-board were tuned in unison as if they were the cry of the soul, desperate to touch the sublime halo of ultimate musicality.

A regret that rankled me after the concert was that I won't ever be able to hum the songs with my brand of asinine voice.

For the first time in my life, I wish I were a musician. That tells you something about the concert, because indolent imbeciles like me do not often get the urge to look back in anger. What do they know of music, who only music know?