Monday, November 26, 2007


It’s a dull day as usual. I am about to witness another boring day passing into oblivion, dragging its tail to eternity. These hours always haunt me, memories make mayhem inside my office-browsing soul. The fading voice of a distant 'paperwalla' outside the glass window brings back long forgotten tales. An indifference, almost glacial, spreads itself over the expensive ceiling of a Calcutta office. I try not to look behind.

And then the dam breaks open.

I see a boy peeling an orange in a small town. He looks back in bewilderment and my world takes a tumble.  I try to look away with all the sagacity that my world can offer me! I see dada, my grandfather, trying to acquaint a little boy with Jogindranath Sircar. I see his radiant eyes and innocent smile. I try not to met his gaze.

Perhaps, everyone of us has started to play different tunes from what we used to play earlier. Wisdom prevails. Hard and concrete wisdom, Euclidean in its very essence.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Freedom thou art but an illusion!

When bullets sing hymns to praise our spineless existence, when genteel lines take the form of a wrinkled prostitute, when corporate indifference makes you shiver inside your three-piece, you lose your dignity to live as a human being.
You try to retrieve the humane values, you try to rekindle the old flame with a serendipitous commitment. Even the most introvert of them all throws a clenched fist towards the sky and utters his conviction aloud to protest against fascism.
And only yesterday, I have been categorically told by one son-of-a-bitch that I won’t be allowed to join today's rally. I could have thrown my resignation letter on his face, I could have beaten him all black and blue.
Instead of all that, I had to keep my mum as you can’t really resign without a two-month notice, and after all, you argue only with people who have a heart beneath their customary exterior.
I shall quit this job exactly after two months. But, that’s not why I am writing this post. I would like to see everybody joining the rally and make full use of their vocabulary.
We'll fight together. It is not roses, roses all the way.