Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maddoxed thoughts

Finally, it came. Like the solitary note from a wooden flute. Faces unfamiliar stood motionless among the hullabaloo, tingling apprehension gave way to hopeless blasphemy. But, it came. Like the unexpected ace in the midst of a card-game. The mob took no notice, even the history remained at its static best. Still, it came. Like the slightly off-keyed interlude of a Kabir Suman song. And, the craziest coyness touched the tip of a very nervous tongue.

What did not happen is not going to happen again, in this land of mugglish predictability.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shashthi Blues!

It pricks. Even the waterdrops do.

The ultimate grandeur rips through
our windowless room, in a hurry,
And, the blue air unfolds itself
in true spirit of nothingness.

Here they lie and here they die almost casually,
Since the days have passed into sunlit ones
With the interference of seemingly pitless nights.
Yes, all is lost, even the immortal hate,
Lost in the daze of city-lights, only too bright!

Love, let us part now. Unceremoniously, as usual.
We do not hold the secrets together anymore,
Nor do we have the strength to kill each other
Like we wanted in the wee hours of adolescent dawn.
To live in the shadows, saying nothing, is awful.
Love, let us part now. And let us reborn yet again.

It pricks. Even the rosebuds do.